Complimentary Print Consultation

Complimentary Print Consultation is our gift to you, we know that selecting the right art print for your space can sometimes feel tricky. For this reason, we can work with you personally to get the perfect print for your interior. 

 How Complimentary Print Consultation Works

Send us a phone photo of the space you would like to style, for the most part this photo doesn’t have to be perfect.

Now that you have selected your space, tell us the type of building you want to style. (eg. A House, Unit, County, Beach or City)

This time let us know the colours or tones you are wanting in your print and if you prefer Fine Art Prints or Canvas.

In addition include a selection of your favourite prints from our shop

Email us below with the subject line, ‘Complimentary Print Consultation’ to begin.

As soon as we receive your information we will send you back our recommendation.


Tips On How To Choose Art Prints 

1. While there is no set of rules for choosing the perfect prints for your home, here are some tips we’ve learned along the way.

2. Additionally if you’ve seen something you love or catches your eye, go with your it. In short trust your gut (aka beauty is in the eye of the beholder). It will work and you will find a place for it.

P.S. Everyone has room for what they love.

3. Size Matters, when selecting art prints in your own home or office, think about each space separately. For example, a tight entryway or smaller bathroom can’t accommodate oversized art, while most living rooms can. 

 4. Equally important, if you have a specific size in mind and you can't find it on our site. Let us know and we can easily create a custom size for you, at the closest price point of our advertised sizing.

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